The Core

"My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. Nikola Tesla
I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists." - Nikola Tesla!

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The universe is filled with an invisible sea of possibilities. Thought has no matter or energy and exists not in space or time. Everything that ever was, or is or ever will be, was first a thought. Thought is a product of consciousness, and consciousness is you. Click for more

Tangible and Intangible Dimensions

A zero dimension is a single point in space that is intangible, for if it were tangible it would have at least two dimensions. The first dimension is a line, a connective distance between two points in space, but is also intangible, for if it were tangible it would have length and height, no matter how miniscule. The second dimension consists of length and height and is a semi tangible dimension. Sound is an example of a semi tangible dimension. The third dimesion consists of Length, height and depth and provides the arena for our tangible universe. Click for more

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Using the powerful knowledge of Intendors, you too can manifest the things in life you wish, to improve conditions for yourself and others. But how does intendors compare to other methods and what makes us better?

The idea of manifestation is not entirely new, but could be said to go back throughout history. Indeed, even saying prayers is an attempt at manifestation. But how many of those methods work and how reproduceable and powerful are those methods?

Intendors gets to the core of manifestation by introducing you to the actual source of all matter and energy. The core elementary particles that make up everything in the material universe can be manipulated directly by anyone applying certain easy principles.

Familiarise yourself with our website and you too can learn those principles.


I think therefore I am. I think therefore you are. You think therefore I am. You think therefore you are. I am therefore I think. You are therefore you think. It IS because I think it is, and it IS because you think it is. I knowingly agree or I unknowingly agree. Learn about the complexities of thought in our mind series here: Mind Series


Intendors not only reveals the actual workings of telepathy and psychic ability, but provides training techniques that anyone can use.

Everyone experiences psychic phenomena at least once in their lives, but such experiences are often put down to coincidence, or even ignored. The truth about telepathy and psychic ability could only be shown to be true if there were techniques that ANYONE can use.

Read our article HERE to learn how and why telepathy is possible.


Healthy body, healthy mind. Health, happiness, prosperity and happiness all go hand in hand and Intendors takes a hollidtic approach to the growth and developmet of the human Spirit. Learn more: Health